foxBMS  1.6.0
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#include <database_cfg.h>

Collaboration diagram for DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s:

Data Fields

uint8_t sensorStatus
bool photoelectricError
bool supplyOvervoltageError
bool supplyUndervoltageError
uint16_t particulateMatterConcentration
uint8_t crcCheckCode

Detailed Description

data block struct for the BAS6C-X00 aerosol sensor

Definition at line 631 of file database_cfg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ crcCheckCode

uint8_t DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::crcCheckCode

Definition at line 641 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ header


Data block header

Definition at line 635 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ particulateMatterConcentration

uint16_t DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::particulateMatterConcentration

particulate matter concentration in microgram/m^3

Definition at line 640 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ photoelectricError

bool DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::photoelectricError

true when sensor has photoelectric device fault

Definition at line 637 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ sensorStatus

uint8_t DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::sensorStatus

0: normal, 1: alarm, 2: reserved

Definition at line 636 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ supplyOvervoltageError

bool DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::supplyOvervoltageError

true when voltage supply supplies over voltage

Definition at line 638 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ supplyUndervoltageError

bool DATA_BLOCK_AEROSOL_SENSOR_s::supplyUndervoltageError

true when voltage supply supplies under voltage

Definition at line 639 of file database_cfg.h.

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