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CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE Struct Reference

#include <can_cfg.h>

Collaboration diagram for CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE:

Data Fields

canBASE_t * canNode
uint32_t id
uint8_t dlc
uint32_t repetitionTime
uint32_t repetitionPhase
CAN_ENDIANNESS_e endianness
can_callback_funcPtr callbackFunction
uint8_t * pMuxId

Detailed Description

type definition for structure of a TX CAN message

Definition at line 331 of file can_cfg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ callbackFunction

can_callback_funcPtr CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::callbackFunction

CAN message callback after message is sent

Definition at line 338 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ canNode

canBASE_t* CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::canNode

CAN node on which the message is transmitted

Definition at line 332 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ dlc

uint8_t CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::dlc

CAN message data length code

Definition at line 334 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ endianness


Byte order (big or little endian)

Definition at line 337 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ id

uint32_t CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::id

CAN message id

Definition at line 333 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ pMuxId

uint8_t* CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::pMuxId

for multiplexed signals: callback can use this as pointer to a mux variable, NULL_PTR if unused

Definition at line 339 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ repetitionPhase

uint32_t CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::repetitionPhase

CAN message startup (first send) offset

Definition at line 336 of file can_cfg.h.

◆ repetitionTime

uint32_t CAN_MSG_TX_TYPE::repetitionTime

CAN message cycle time

Definition at line 335 of file can_cfg.h.

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