foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.2.0
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CAN_STATE Struct Reference

#include <can.h>

Data Fields

bool periodicEnable
bool currentSensorPresent [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
bool currentSensorCCPresent [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
bool currentSensorECPresent [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

Detailed Description

This structure contains variables relevant for the CAN signal module.

Definition at line 78 of file can.h.

Field Documentation

◆ currentSensorCCPresent

bool CAN_STATE::currentSensorCCPresent[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

defines if a CC info is being sent

Definition at line 81 of file can.h.

◆ currentSensorECPresent

bool CAN_STATE::currentSensorECPresent[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

defines if a EC info is being sent

Definition at line 82 of file can.h.

◆ currentSensorPresent

bool CAN_STATE::currentSensorPresent[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

defines if a current sensor is detected

Definition at line 80 of file can.h.

◆ periodicEnable

bool CAN_STATE::periodicEnable

defines if periodic transmit and receive should run

Definition at line 79 of file can.h.

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