1. Getting Started with foxBMS

1.1. How to use this documentation

The complete foxBMS documentation is available and maintained in HTML, PDF and EPUB formats.


A search function is available under the foxBMS logo in the HTML version of the documentation.

1.2. How to Generate the HTML Documentation and Set up foxBMS rapidly

First, the Installing foxconda3 part of the documentation explains how to install and configure the foxconda3 software used to compile the embedded software and generate the HTML documentation. Then, the Building the foxBMS Software and Documentation part explains how to get and build the sources. Finally, the Eclipse Workspace Setup and Flashing guide explains how to setup an Eclipse workspace to browse the foxBMS sources conveniently, how to supply the hardware with power and how to flash the foxBMS firmware on MCU0 and MCU1 located on the BMS-Master Board in the foxBMS Master Unit.

If these steps are done, foxBMS already runs. The last step is longer because connectors must be made. In this last step, it is explained how to prepare the other parts of the foxBMS hardware.

1.3. Where Can the Layout and Schematic Files be Found?

The layout and schematic are available online on GitHub. Refer to the section Design Resources.