7. Toolchain

7.1. Layout and schematics

The initial layout and schematics were developed with Cadsoft Eagle version 6.5.0 which is now owned by AUTODESK. Recently, all hardware projects were ported to Altium Designer.

7.2. Information on Debugging

Two types of debugger have been tested with foxBMS.

  • The first one is the Segger J-Link Plus with the adapter for 19-Pin Cortex-M (the adapter is needed to connect the debugger to the foxBMS Master Unit). A cheaper debugger solution is the Segger J-Link Base which also needs the adapter.
  • The second type of debugger is the Lauterbach Debugger µTrace for Cortex-M (see the “Products” section in the navigation bar on the left). The Lauterbach debugger provides more debugging functionalities, but is also more expensive than the J-Link.