6.12. Interlock

The interlock module switches the interlock according to the requests that are made to it. It checks the feedback line of the interlock periodically.

6.12.1. Module Files

  • embedded-software\mcu-common\src\module\interlock\interlock.h (interlock.h)
  • embedded-software\mcu-common\src\module\interlock\interlock.c (interlock.c)
Driver Configuration:
  • embedded-software\mcu-primary\src\module\config\interlock_cfg.h (interlock_cfg.h)
  • embedded-software\mcu-primary\src\module\config\interlock_cfg.c (interlock_cfg.c)
  • embedded-software\mcu-secondary\src\module\config\interlock_cfg.h (interlock_cfg.h)
  • embedded-software\mcu-secondary\src\module\config\interlock_cfg.c (interlock_cfg.c)

6.12.2. Structure

Fig. 6.17 shows the statemachine managing the interlock in foxBMS.


Fig. 6.17 Interlock state machine

Two states are implemented:

  • OPEN
Requests are made to the interlock statemachine by BMS. BMS closes the
interlock when entering STANDBY and opens the interlock when entering the ERROR state.

The interlock feedback is checked periodically. If the set value dose not match the measured feedback (e.g., the interlock was opened outside of foxBMS), the corresponding error flag will be set. The application implemented in BMS will then get the information and react accordingly.

6.12.3. Interaction

The bms module uses the contactor module APIs.