foxBMS  1.6.0
The foxBMS Battery Management System API Documentation

#include <temperature_sensor_defs.h>

Data Fields

int16_t temperature_ddegC
float_t resistance_Ohm

Detailed Description

temperature-resistance lookup table

Definition at line 68 of file temperature_sensor_defs.h.

Field Documentation

◆ resistance_Ohm

float_t TS_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR_LUT_s::resistance_Ohm

resistance in ohms

Definition at line 70 of file temperature_sensor_defs.h.

◆ temperature_ddegC

int16_t TS_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR_LUT_s::temperature_ddegC

temperature in deci °C

Definition at line 69 of file temperature_sensor_defs.h.

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