foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.2.0
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FRAM_SOC Struct Reference

#include <fram_cfg.h>

Data Fields

float minimumSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float maximumSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float averageSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

Detailed Description

state of charge (SOC). Since SOC is voltage dependent, three different values are used, min, max and average. SOC defined as a float number between 0.0f and 100.0f (0% and 100%)

Definition at line 119 of file fram_cfg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ averageSoc_perc

float FRAM_SOC::averageSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

average SOC

Definition at line 122 of file fram_cfg.h.

◆ maximumSoc_perc

float FRAM_SOC::maximumSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

maximum SOC

Definition at line 121 of file fram_cfg.h.

◆ minimumSoc_perc

float FRAM_SOC::minimumSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

minimum SOC

Definition at line 120 of file fram_cfg.h.

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