foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.1.0
The foxBMS Unit Tests API Documentation
config Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for config:


file  bal_cfg.h [code]
 Header for the configuration for the driver for balancing.
file  battery_cell_cfg.c [code]
 Configuration of the battery cell.
file  battery_cell_cfg.h [code]
 Configuration of the battery cell (e.g., minimum and maximum cell voltage)
file  battery_system_cfg.c [code]
 Configuration for the battery system.
file  battery_system_cfg.h [code]
 Configuration of the battery system (e.g., number of battery modules, battery cells, temperature sensors)
file  bms_cfg.h [code]
 bms driver configuration header
file  plausibility_cfg.h [code]
 plausibility checks for cell voltage and cell temperatures
file  soa_cfg.c [code]
 Configuration for safe-operating area check.
file  soa_cfg.h [code]
 Configuration header for SOA.