foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.1.0
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DATA_BLOCK_SOX Struct Reference

#include <database_cfg.h>

Collaboration diagram for DATA_BLOCK_SOX:

Data Fields

float averageSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float minimumSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float maximumSoc_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float averageSoe_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float minimumSoe_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float maximumSoe_perc [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
uint32_t maximumSoe_Wh [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
uint32_t averageSoe_Wh [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
uint32_t minimumSoe_Wh [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

Detailed Description

data block struct of sox

Definition at line 489 of file database_cfg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ averageSoc_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::averageSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= averageSoc <= 100.0

Definition at line 494 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ averageSoe_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::averageSoe_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= averageSoe <= 100.0

Definition at line 497 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ averageSoe_Wh

uint32_t DATA_BLOCK_SOX::averageSoe_Wh[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

average string energy in Wh

Definition at line 501 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ header


Data block header

Definition at line 493 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ maximumSoc_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::maximumSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= maxSoc <= 100.0

Definition at line 496 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ maximumSoe_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::maximumSoe_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= maximumSoe <= 100.0

Definition at line 499 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ maximumSoe_Wh

uint32_t DATA_BLOCK_SOX::maximumSoe_Wh[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

maximum string energy in Wh

Definition at line 500 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ minimumSoc_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::minimumSoc_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= minSoc <= 100.0

Definition at line 495 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ minimumSoe_perc

float DATA_BLOCK_SOX::minimumSoe_perc[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

0.0 <= minimumSoe <= 100.0

Definition at line 498 of file database_cfg.h.

◆ minimumSoe_Wh

uint32_t DATA_BLOCK_SOX::minimumSoe_Wh[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

minimum string energy in Wh

Definition at line 502 of file database_cfg.h.

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