foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.1.0
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DIAG_CH_CFG Struct Reference

#include <diag_cfg.h>

Data Fields

DIAG_ID_e id
uint16_t threshold
uint32_t delay_ms
DIAG_RECORDING_e enable_recording
DIAG_EVALUATE_e enable_evaluate

Detailed Description

Channel configuration of one diag channel

Definition at line 300 of file diag_cfg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ delay_ms

uint32_t DIAG_CH_CFG::delay_ms

delay in ms after error detection if severity is DIAG_FATAL_ERROR until an opening the contactors

Definition at line 309 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ enable_evaluate

DIAG_EVALUATE_e DIAG_CH_CFG::enable_evaluate

if enabled diagnosis event will be evaluated

Definition at line 311 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ enable_recording

DIAG_RECORDING_e DIAG_CH_CFG::enable_recording

if enabled recording in diag_memory * will be activated

Definition at line 310 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ fpCallback


will be called if number of events exceeds threshold in both directions with parameter DIAG_EVENT_e string id or system related data

Definition at line 312 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ id


diagnosis event id diag_id

Definition at line 301 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ severity


severity of diag entry, DIAG_FATAL_ERROR will lead to an opening of the contactors

Definition at line 307 of file diag_cfg.h.

◆ threshold

uint16_t DIAG_CH_CFG::threshold

threshold for number of events which will be tolerated before generating a notification in both directions: threshold = 0: reports the value at first occurrence, threshold = 1: reports the value at second occurrence

Definition at line 302 of file diag_cfg.h.

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