foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.1.0
The foxBMS Unit Tests API Documentation

#include <mxm_1785x_tools.h>

Data Fields

bool connected
uint8_t deviceAddress
MXM_MODEL_ID_e model
MXM_siliconVersion_e siliconVersion
uint32_t deviceID

Detailed Description

struct describing an entry into the monitoring registry

Definition at line 178 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

Field Documentation

◆ connected

bool MXM_REGISTRY_ENTRY::connected

state variable, indicates whether monitoring IC is connected

Definition at line 179 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ deviceAddress

uint8_t MXM_REGISTRY_ENTRY::deviceAddress

address that has been assigned during enumeration

Definition at line 180 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ deviceID

uint32_t MXM_REGISTRY_ENTRY::deviceID

24-bit unique device ID

Definition at line 183 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ model


model (e.g. 17853)

Definition at line 181 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ siliconVersion

MXM_siliconVersion_e MXM_REGISTRY_ENTRY::siliconVersion

silicon version of chip

Definition at line 182 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

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