foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.1.0
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SOE_STATE Struct Reference

Data Fields

bool soeInitialized
bool sensorEcUsed [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float ecScalingAverage [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float ecScalingMinimum [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
float ecScalingMaximum [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]
uint32_t previousTimestamp [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

Detailed Description

This structure contains all the variables relevant for the SOX.

Definition at line 70 of file soe_counting.c.

Field Documentation

◆ ecScalingAverage

float SOE_STATE::ecScalingAverage[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

current sensor offset scaling for average SOE

Definition at line 73 of file soe_counting.c.

◆ ecScalingMaximum

float SOE_STATE::ecScalingMaximum[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

current sensor offset scaling for maximum SOE

Definition at line 75 of file soe_counting.c.

◆ ecScalingMinimum

float SOE_STATE::ecScalingMinimum[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

current sensor offset scaling for minimum SOE

Definition at line 74 of file soe_counting.c.

◆ previousTimestamp

uint32_t SOE_STATE::previousTimestamp[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

last used timestamp of current or energy counting value for SOE estimation

Definition at line 76 of file soe_counting.c.

◆ sensorEcUsed

bool SOE_STATE::sensorEcUsed[BS_NR_OF_STRINGS]

true if energy counting functionality of current sensor is used

Definition at line 72 of file soe_counting.c.

◆ soeInitialized

bool SOE_STATE::soeInitialized

true if the initialization has passed, false otherwise

Definition at line 71 of file soe_counting.c.

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