4.1. Changelog for Master TMS570

4.1.1. v1.1.5

  • Fixed Farnell order code for 100nF/50V/0402

  • Updated project BOM

4.1.2. v1.1.4

  • Improved SBC wake-up pulse generation circuit by changing value of R7233 to 470kOhm

4.1.3. v1.1.3

  • fixed swapped INTA/INTB pinout of U6400 (PCF2131TF)

  • added OSHWA logo on PCB

  • modified power MOSFET and according control circuitry (Q4400-Q4402) for switching external insulation monitor (current rating of previous design was too weak)

4.1.4. v1.1.2

  • fixed assignment of memory devices (MRAM, FRAM, FLASH) to SPI3 chip select pins (net labels were swapped)

  • split oscillator (Y6100) into two different part numbers and BOM items (one part for 20 MHz and 25 MHz)

  • added voltage limiting Zener diodes to gates of Q6401 and Q6404

  • added 100 nF capacitor to “ON” pin of U7300 in order to improve transient immunity

  • fixed faulty solder paste layer on component U7100

  • replaced Ethernet socket J2001 due to availability issues (old part number: Wuerth 615008185121, new part number: Wuerth 615008137421)

4.1.5. v1.1.1

  • added clamping diodes for contactor feedback resistor dividers in order to protect inputs of port expander

  • added clamping diodes to insulation monitor PWM and OK inputs

  • adjusted contactor connectors pinout to match foxBMS 1 Master pinout

  • replaced R8014 and R8017 10k resistors with 10R resistors due to amplifier gain error

  • added placement option to use ADUM6401 as a digital isolator for the CAN2 interface

  • fixed a typo in EMIF connector silk screen

  • improved free space around debug connector (debug connector was moved towards upper edge of board)

  • changed global polygon connect style to relief connect in order to improve solderabilty of through-hole connectors

  • fixed solder paste areas for Mictor debug connector

  • modified all mounting holes to fit Wuerth SMT spacers (outer diameter = 6mm)

  • removed interlock high-side switch from default component variant due to availability issues

  • added HW board version coding using IO1_0 to IO1_7 of port-expander1

4.1.6. v1.1.0

  • replaced CAN transceiver with TCAN1043HDQ1 (SOIC-14 package) due to availability issues

  • added battery holder for CR1225 RTC battery (BR2470 battery is now optional)

  • changed value of all I2C pull-up resistors from 5.1 \({k\Omega}\) to 2.49 \({k\Omega}\)

  • removed buck-boost converter IC from “default” component variant due to availability issues

  • removed Ethernet phy IC from “default” component variant due to availability issues

  • finalized PCB layout

  • added mechanical dimensions to draftman document

4.1.7. v1.0.2

  • added digital isolator with integrated power for CAN2 interface

  • added connectors for interface and extension boards

  • added bypass for buck-boost converter

  • split board supply into clamp 30 and clamp 30C

  • added additional protection circuit for clamp 30C supply input

  • removed isolated USB interface

  • added test points for interlock circuit

4.1.8. v1.0.1

  • corrected the supply of Vdd of the smart power switch (from 12V to 5V)

4.1.9. v1.0.0

  • initial version