3.1.11. Ozone

The tool is located in tools/waf-tools. Tool Documentation

Implements a waf tool to configure a Segger Ozone project to foxBMS specific needs.

For information on Segger Ozone see the Segger website.

This waf tool automatically generates a project configuration for Segger Ozone, when the binary of Segger Ozone is found on the system. Check the output of the configure step for whether the binary ozone has been successfully located if you suspect any issues.

After successful configuration of the project with the configure task the Ozone configuration file will be available as foxbms.jdebug in the build directory of this project. When loading this file in Ozone everything should be automatically configured and the debugger ready to start a debugging session. Ozone will create a file foxbms.jdebug.user in the same directory in order to store the layout of the debugging windows and similar configuration. This file will normally not be disturbed by the build system.


configuration step of the Ozone waf tool:

  • Find the debugger software

  • configure a project if debugger software was found