foxBMS  1.6.0
The foxBMS Battery Management System API Documentation

#include <diag.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t errcnttotal
uint16_t errcntreported
uint32_t entry_event [DIAG_ID_MAX]
uint8_t entry_cnt [DIAG_ID_MAX]
uint16_t occurrenceCounter [BS_NR_OF_STRINGS][DIAG_ID_MAX]
uint8_t id2ch [DIAG_ID_MAX]
uint8_t nrOfConfiguredDiagnosisEntries
uint32_t errflag [(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]
uint32_t warnflag [(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]
uint32_t err_enableflag [(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]

Detailed Description

central state struct of the diag module

Definition at line 87 of file diag.h.

Field Documentation

◆ entry_cnt

uint8_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::entry_cnt[DIAG_ID_MAX]

reported event counter used for limitation

Definition at line 92 of file diag.h.

◆ entry_event

uint32_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::entry_event[DIAG_ID_MAX]

last detected entry event

Definition at line 91 of file diag.h.

◆ err_enableflag

uint32_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::err_enableflag[(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]

enabled error flags (bit_nr = diag_id)

Definition at line 98 of file diag.h.

◆ errcntreported

uint16_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::errcntreported

reported error counts to external tool

Definition at line 90 of file diag.h.

◆ errcnttotal

uint16_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::errcnttotal

total counts of diagnosis entry records

Definition at line 89 of file diag.h.

◆ errflag

uint32_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::errflag[(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]

detected error flags (bit_nr = diag_id)

Definition at line 96 of file diag.h.

◆ id2ch


diagnosis-id to configuration channel selector

Definition at line 94 of file diag.h.

◆ nrOfConfiguredDiagnosisEntries

uint8_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::nrOfConfiguredDiagnosisEntries

number of configured diagnosis entries

Definition at line 95 of file diag.h.

◆ occurrenceCounter


counter for the occurrence of diag events

Definition at line 93 of file diag.h.

◆ state


actual state of diagnosis module

Definition at line 88 of file diag.h.

◆ warnflag

uint32_t DIAG_DIAGNOSIS_STATE_s::warnflag[(DIAG_ID_MAX+31)/32]

detected warning flags (bit_nr = diag_id)

Definition at line 97 of file diag.h.

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