foxBMS  1.6.0
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OS_TASK_DEFINITION_s Struct Reference

struct for FreeRTOS task definition More...

#include <os.h>

Data Fields

OS_PRIORITY_e priority
uint32_t phase
uint32_t cycleTime
uint32_t stackSize_B
void * pvParameters

Detailed Description

struct for FreeRTOS task definition

Definition at line 135 of file os.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cycleTime

uint32_t OS_TASK_DEFINITION_s::cycleTime

time in ms that will be waited between each task cycle

Definition at line 138 of file os.h.

◆ phase

uint32_t OS_TASK_DEFINITION_s::phase

shift in ms of the first start of the task

Definition at line 137 of file os.h.

◆ priority


priority of the task

Definition at line 136 of file os.h.

◆ pvParameters

void* OS_TASK_DEFINITION_s::pvParameters

value that is passed as the parameter to the task.

Definition at line 140 of file os.h.

◆ stackSize_B

uint32_t OS_TASK_DEFINITION_s::stackSize_B

Defines the size, in bytes, of the stack allocated to the task

Definition at line 139 of file os.h.

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