foxBMS - Unit Tests  1.6.0
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FAS_ASSERT_LOCATION_s Struct Reference

Struct for storing assert information. More...

#include <fassert.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t * pc
uint32_t line

Detailed Description

Struct for storing assert information.

This struct is intended for storing, information on the place in the code where an assert has been violated.

Definition at line 136 of file fassert.h.

Field Documentation

◆ line

uint32_t FAS_ASSERT_LOCATION_s::line

line number where an assert has triggered

Definition at line 138 of file fassert.h.

◆ pc

uint32_t* FAS_ASSERT_LOCATION_s::pc

value of the program counter register

Definition at line 137 of file fassert.h.

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