foxBMS  1.6.0
The foxBMS Battery Management System API Documentation
fs8x_driver Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for fs8x_driver:


file  sbc_fs8x.c [code]
 Driver functions for the FS8x SBC.
file  sbc_fs8x.h [code]
 FS8x driver interface.
file  sbc_fs8x_assert.h [code]
 Assertion macro definition, for debugging purposes.
file  sbc_fs8x_common.h [code]
 Driver common structures, enums, macros and configuration values.
file  sbc_fs8x_communication.c [code]
 Implementation of communication logic for NXP SBC FS8x.
file  sbc_fs8x_communication.h [code]
 This file contains functions for SPI/I2C communication.
file  sbc_fs8x_map.h [code]
 FS8x register map.