foxBMS  1.6.0
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IR155_MEASUREMENT_s Struct Reference

#include <bender_ir155_helper.h>

Collaboration diagram for IR155_MEASUREMENT_s:

Data Fields

bool isMeasurementValid
bool isUndervoltageDetected
PWM_SIGNAL_s pwmSignal
uint32_t resistance_kOhm
STD_PIN_STATE_e digitalStatusPin
IR155_MEASUREMENT_MODE_e measurementMode
IR155_MEASUREMENT_STATE_e measurementState

Detailed Description

type definition for structure of insulation measurement

Definition at line 114 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

Field Documentation

◆ digitalStatusPin

STD_PIN_STATE_e IR155_MEASUREMENT_s::digitalStatusPin

pin state of Status output (OK_HS)

Definition at line 119 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ isMeasurementValid

bool IR155_MEASUREMENT_s::isMeasurementValid

flag if measurement value is valid or not

Definition at line 115 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ isUndervoltageDetected

bool IR155_MEASUREMENT_s::isUndervoltageDetected

flag if undervoltage has been detected

Definition at line 116 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ measurementMode


IR155 measurement mode

Definition at line 120 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ measurementState


IR155 measurement state

Definition at line 121 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ pwmSignal


duty cycle and frequency of measured pwm signal

Definition at line 117 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

◆ resistance_kOhm

uint32_t IR155_MEASUREMENT_s::resistance_kOhm

measured insulation resistance in kOhm

Definition at line 118 of file bender_ir155_helper.h.

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