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MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s Struct Reference

#include <mxm_1785x_tools.h>

Collaboration diagram for MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s:

Data Fields

uint8_t moduleBalancingIndex
bool evenCellsNeedBalancing
bool oddCellsNeedBalancing
bool evenCellsBalancingProcessed
bool oddCellsBalancingProcessed
uint16_t cellsToBalance
uint32_t previousTimeStamp
uint32_t currentTimeStamp
DATA_BLOCK_BALANCING_CONTROL_s *const pBalancingControl_table

Detailed Description

struct that contains the state of the balancing subsystem

Definition at line 223 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cellsToBalance

uint16_t MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::cellsToBalance

bitfield used for register BALSWCTRL, 16 bits for upt to 14 cells

Definition at line 229 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ currentTimeStamp

uint32_t MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::currentTimeStamp

timestamp of current balancing checkpoint

Definition at line 231 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ evenCellsBalancingProcessed

bool MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::evenCellsBalancingProcessed

balancing of even cells has been processed

Definition at line 227 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ evenCellsNeedBalancing

bool MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::evenCellsNeedBalancing

indicates that even cells need balancing

Definition at line 225 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ moduleBalancingIndex

uint8_t MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::moduleBalancingIndex

index of the module that is currently handled

Definition at line 224 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ oddCellsBalancingProcessed

bool MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::oddCellsBalancingProcessed

balancing of odd cells has been processed

Definition at line 228 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ oddCellsNeedBalancing

bool MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::oddCellsNeedBalancing

indicates that odd cells need balancing

Definition at line 226 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ pBalancingControl_table


balancing control table

Definition at line 232 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

◆ previousTimeStamp

uint32_t MXM_BALANCING_STATE_s::previousTimeStamp

timestamp of previous balancing checkpoint

Definition at line 230 of file mxm_1785x_tools.h.

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