1. Getting Started with foxBMS 2

1.1. How to use this documentation

The complete foxBMS 2 documentation is available and maintained in HTML. Instructions on how to build it are found in Building the Application.


A search function is available under the foxBMS 2 logo in the HTML version of the documentation.

1.2. Definitions

In case they have not been read yet, important definitions and considerations about foxBMS 2 are described in Abbreviations and Definitions, Naming Conventions, The foxBMS 2 Platform and Use Case. They must be read as they are used throughout the whole documentation.

1.3. Software Installation

The Software Installation part of the documentation explains how to install and configure the toolchain that is used for working on the embedded software.

The Creating a Workspace guide explains how to setup a code workspace to browse the foxBMS 2 sources conveniently.

Information about the software and how to build it is found in Software Documentation.

1.4. Where are the layout and schematic files?

The layout and schematic are available online on GitHub. Refer to the section Design Resources.