2. Design ResourcesΒΆ

The hardware design packages for the BMS-Master Board, the BMS-Extension Board, the BMS-Interface Board and the BMS-Slave Boards are available from the https://github.com/foxBMS/foxbms-2. The packages include:

  • Altium Designer Source Files

    • schematics

    • layout

    • active bill of materials

  • Assembly files

    • BOM in Excel format

    • 3D model of PCB in step format

    • schematics in PDF format

  • Fabrication files

    • PCB manufacturing data in ODB++ format

    • PCB layer stack in PDF format


To open the schematic and layout files, please use Altium Designer.


To manufacture the printed circuit boards, the BOM (Microsoft Excel file) and the ODB++ files in each corresponding folder should be used. Before sending the board layout to a PCB manufacturer, the layout files must be checked against the design rules provided by this manufacturer, since some board layout settings may depend on its specific design rules and may cause violations (e.g., pad layout).