4.26.6. MAX1785x

This module supports MAX17852 and MAX17853 monitoring ICs by Maxim Integrated. Communication with these ICs is handled through a MAX17841B bridge IC. The communication between bridge IC and monitoring IC is encoded as Maxim Battery Management UART, which is a optimized, differential variant of UART with a focus on robustness.

A typical setup consists of one master unit with one to two bridge ICs and several monitoring ICs in a daisy-chain. The current implementation of the driver supports communication through one bridge IC (the “uphost path”), but the hardware supports a redundant approach by adding read only communication on the “downhost path”. Driver structure

The driver is separated into three main modules with additional helper modules. The three main modules are:

  • MAX17841B bridge IC driver in mxm_17841b.c,

  • Battery Management UART protocol abstraction in max_battery_management.c and

  • MAX1785x device driver in mxm_1785x.c.