4.28. SBC

4.28.1. Module Files Vendor Driver


This driver has been provided by NXP Semiconductors, Inc. under the 3-Clause BSD License. It has been adapted to pass the interface configuration as parameter into the functions to enable the usage of multiple ICs in the system.

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x_assert.h.c (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x_common.h (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x_communication.c (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x_communication.h (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x_map.h (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x.c (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/sbc/fs8x_driver/sbc_fs8x.h (API, source) Driver Configuration

  • src/app/driver/config/nxpfs85xx_cfg.c (API, source)

  • src/app/driver/config/nxpfs85xx_cfg.h (API, source) Unit Test

  • tests/unit/app/driver/config/test_nxpfs85xx_cfg.c (API, source)

  • tests/unit/app/driver/sbc/test_sbc.c (API, source)

  • tests/unit/app/driver/sbc/test_nxpfs85xx.c (API, source)

4.28.2. Description

This section of the documentation is not yet complete.