Manual LLVM Installation


The LLVM installer does not support installing different versions of LLVM. If there is already some LLVM version installed into C:\Program Files\LLVM\* this installation must be copied to some temporary folder, and then can be copied back into C:\Program Files\LLVM\other-LLVM-version after the installation has finished.

  1. Download LLVM (version 13.0.0) from version 13.0.0 <>`_ from the project’s GitHub release page.

  2. Copy the existing LLVM installation to some temporary directory.

  3. Remove the LLVM installation directory.

  4. Run the installer. Choose C:\Program Files\LLVM\13.0.0 as installation directory Do not add LLVM to PATH.

  5. Copy the previous LLVM installations back to the original place.