4.16. CRC

4.16.1. Module Files Driver Unit Test

  • tests/unit/app/driver/crc/test_crc.c (API, source)

4.16.2. Description

The CRC module uses the hardware of the MCU to compute the CRC of a data flow.

The CRC hardware is based on a 64 bit polynomial. The data is written in 64 bit chunks to the registers PSA_SIGREGL1 and PSA_SIGREGH1. The data flow does not need to be aligned on 64 bit: if is is not the case, the last chunks of data will be padded with zeros to reach a size of 64 bit.

The seed for the CRC computation is defined in crc.h with CRC_SEED_LOW and CRC_SEED_HIGH, low referring to the LSB and high to the MSB.

The function CRC_CalculateCrc() takes three arguments:

  • a uint64_t * pointer where the calculated 64 bit CRC is written

  • a uint8_t * pointer to the data

  • the length in bytes of the data


This function is not re-entrant: as it uses hardware registers, it must only be called once before its execution has finished, otherwise the CRC computation will be wrong. Currently it is only used with the FRAM, which only makes one access at the same time, ensuring that the function is only called once. If the function is to be used elsewhere, this point must be taken into account.

An internal re-entrance counter is used. If the function was only called once, it returns STD_OK, otherwise it returns STD_NOT_OK and the CRC value is set to zero.