4.6. SOA Module

4.6.1. Module Files Driver Configuration

  • src/app/application/config/soa_cfg.c (API, source)

  • src/app/application/config/soa_cfg.h (API, source) Unit Test

  • tests/unit/app/application/soa/test_soa_cfg.c (API, source)

  • tests/unit/app/application/soa/test_soa.c (API, source)

4.6.2. Detailed Description

Keeping the battery cells in the safe operating area (SOA) is a safety goal of the BMS. The SOA includes cell voltage, cell temperature and battery current.

foxBMS 2 provides three different error levels. The first error level is called Maximum operating limit (MOL), the second error level is called Recommended Safety Limit (RSL) and the third error level is called Maximum Safety Limit (MSL). The first two error levels indicate that a parameter is reaching the limits of the recommended operating area and counter measures should be initiated to prevent an unwanted opening of the contactors. A violation of a MSL means the safety of the system and the persons cannot be guaranteed anymore and leads to an opening of the contactors.