4.13. OS Module

4.13.1. Module Files Driver FreeRTOS

  • src/app/task/os/freertos/os_freertos.c (API, source) Configuration

none Unit Test

  • tests/unit/app/task/os/test_os.c (API, source)

4.13.2. Detailed Description

The os module provides system relevant initializations and functions, such as e.g., the operating system timer.

At first the os module initializes all tasks form Task Configuration by calling OS_InitializeOperatingSystem(). After that the scheduler takes over. The details of the task configuration are documented in the FTASK Module.

The operating system timer incrementing function OS_TimerTrigger is implemented in the os module. The timer is stored in the variable os_timer.

Furthermore it enables the user configuration of the vApplicationIdleHook by calling FTSK_RunUserCodeIdle.

4.13.3. Further Reading

Task configuration details are found in the FTASK Module documentation.