Sub Module workers



Implements a process, that uses a CAN adapter to send and receive messages. Received messages are put in a queue to be consumed by e.g., a GUI. The messages to be send can be put into the queue by any other thread/process.

class fgui.workers.can_node_worker.CanAdapterProcess(adapter: str, baud_rate: int, logging_dir: Optional[pathlib.Path] = None)

Process to interact with a CAN adapter.

g_cancel() None

Global canceling (i.e., not just ‘pausing’) the process. All queues are cleared.

run() None

Implements the functionality of the process, that is run, once the process has started.

class fgui.workers.can_node_worker.DummyLogger(*args, **kwargs)

Dummy logger class


required dummy function


Implements the thread, that has the callback that does the GUI updates.

class fgui.workers.gui_sync_worker.SyncThread(gui_callback: Callable, receive_queue: multiprocessing.context.BaseContext.Queue)

Implements a class, that knows about the received CAN messages. These messages are then feedback to a method that knows about the GUI and then updates the respective GUI elements with the values from the received CAN message.

cancel() None

Cancel the thread

run() None

Thread function to be run.


Holds a thread that puts GUI control input (i.e. a CAN message that must be sent) into the CAN thread queue. Sending these CAN messages (and by that emptying that queue) is then done by another process, that consumes the queue.

class fgui.workers.send_worker.PeriodicSendThread(get_data: Callable, send_queue: multiprocessing.context.BaseContext.Queue)

This thread checks periodically, whether there is information to be put into the to-be-send-queue.

cancel() None

Cancel the thread

run() None

Thread function to be run.