3. Connectors

This section summarizes the types of connectors used in foxBMS 2.

This section of the documentation is not yet complete.

3.1. Convention for Connector Pin Numbering

Fig. 3.4 presents the convention for the numbering of pins in Molex connectors. This type of connector is the main type of connector that is used for foxBMS 2. The numbering style is used throughout this documentation.

Description of pin numbering in Molex connectors.

Fig. 3.4 Supply connector pin out, receptacle - rear view, header - front view (image source: MOLEX)

There are two types of connectors:

  • Header

  • Receptacle, plugged into the header

The numbering shown on the left in Fig. 3.4 is always valid when viewing in the direction indicated by the arrow with the indication viewing direction. This must be taken into account when crimping the receptacles.