4.2.3. Lauterbach Trace32 Debugger Required Hardware

For debugging the foxBMS 2 application with the Lauterbach tools the following hardware is required: - Lauterbach LA-3505 debugger - Lauterbach LA-3253 Adapter for Cortex-A/R cores (successor of the LA-7843) - Lauterbach Mictor-38 adapter LA-3722 Debugger Software

The debugger software is available at https://www.lauterbach.com. Lauterbach Manual

Refer to the basic manual for working with the Lauterbach debugger and tools. Setup

After setting up the hardware connection you should be able to load the Trace32 application. For details on where to find a ready configuration for foxBMS 2, please refer to Section 3.1.12.

Buttons in the Lauterbach Trace32 environment

Fig. 4.20 Most relevant buttons in Trace32 from left to right: Select ELF file, Download ELF to target, Load symbols, Unload symbols, Up and Go the target, Up the target, Down the target

Fig. 4.20 shows the most relevant buttons in Trace32. For a normal download onto the target with a subsequent debug session you have to select the ELF file, then set the target to “Up”-state, download the ELF file onto the target and then press the “Up and Go”-button in order to reset the target and start with an attached debugger. Lauterbach Command Line Commands

The subsections below show some important commands. Flash Manipulation

  1. Unlock flash: FLASH.ReProgram ALL

  2. Manipulate flash as needed

  3. Lock flash: FLASH.ReProgram OFF Deleting Flash

  1. Unlock flash: FLASH.ReProgram ALL

  2. Erase

    1. Complete flash: FLASH.Erase ALL

    2. Only certain memory range: FLASH.Erase (xxxxxx)--(yyyyyy)

  3. Lock flash: FLASH.ReProgram OFF Saving Flash to File

  1. Save flash to file: DATA.SAVE.BINARY filename.bin 0x08000000--0x081FFFFF

The file is saved in Lauterbach installation directory if a relative path is used. Writing to Flash from File

  1. Erase flash: FLASH.Erase ALL

  2. Unlock flash: FLASH.Program ALL

  3. Load and flash file: DATA.LOAD.BINARY filename.bin 0x08000000--0x081FFFFF

  4. Lock flash: FLASH.Program off Using a trace probe

If debugging alone is not sufficient and additional trace capabilities are required, Lauterbach supplies in addition to the debug probes also a trace probe for the TMS570LC4357 target. Please refer to their customer support for details.

The trace setup of Fraunhofer IISB consists of a LA-3505 debugger connected to a LA-3580 trace probe with the LA-7992 parallel preprocessor for ARM/Cortex architectures. foxBMS 2 features a compliant Mictor-38 connector in order to be able to connect trace ports with up to 8 bit. If you need more bandwidth, please contact us. The standard design can be adapted to up to 32 bit trace bandwidth.